About Vintec

Vintec is Australia’s leading specialist in climate-controlled wine storage cabinets. Created to meet standards of excellence born from a love of wine, Vintec wine cabinets recreate the ideal storage conditions found only in the best natural underground cellars.

Whether you have dusty cases under your stairs or an investment grade collection, Vintec has the range of capacities and styles to ensure your wine can be enjoyed at its best for many years to come.

Vintec is recognised across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region as the benchmark for wine preservation solutions. Designed to suit the modern lifestyle, Vintec wine cabinets can be built into your kitchen or add a stylish feature to a living room or study. They are recommended by the most respected wine critics and specified by leading architects and interior designers in their projects.



The Vintec brand was created in 2000 by two entrepreneurial Frenchmen who shared a common love for wine. They leveraged their previous experience with the Transtherm luxury wine cabinets brand to collaborate with Danish designers and manufacturers to introduce a range of stylish, functional and accessible wine preservation systems.


Vintec has the widest range of wine cellaring and serving solutions to meet all requirements and capacities from 20 to 4000 bottles. If Vintec can’t meet your needs, no other brand can.


Vintec cabinets are not wine coolers nor are they wine fridges. Vintec is an expert in climate-controlled wine storage solutions. All Vintec wine cabinets have dark interiors and dim UV-free lighting, instead of white interiors and bright lights to keep your wine in perfect conditions for storage.