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About Us

Vintec is the leading specialist and expert in climate-controlled wine cellars in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, with more than 25,000 wine cellars sold in 2017 across 15 markets.

Being intimately related to the wine industry and having focused solely on wine cabinets for over two decades, Vintec has developed the largest and most advanced range of wine cabinets to suit all wine storage requirements, from 20 to 4000 bottles. Our climate-controlled wine cellars under the Vintec and Transtherm brands are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars – always respecting the 5 pillars of wine cellaring

In 2016, Vintec was acquired by the Electrolux group, a 100-year-old company recognized for its professional cooking appliances heritage in Europe, and focused on creating great consumer experiences around food… and now wine. With the Vintec acquisition, Electrolux plans to develop new innovative products, services and experiences to meet the needs of wine drinkers and wine lovers worldwide.


  • 1996-98: Launch in Singapore and Australia
  • 2000-16: Extension to 15 markets across Asia-Pacific
  • 2016: Acquisition of Vintec by Electrolux
  • 2017: Creation of an Electrolux specialised wine division
  • 2018: International development of the Vintec and Electrolux wine cabinets

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The Vintec brand was created in 2000 by two entrepreneurial Frenchmen who shared a common love for wine. They leveraged their previous experience with the Transtherm luxury wine cabinets brand to collaborate with Danish designers and manufacturers to introduce a range of stylish, functional and accessible wine preservation systems.


Transtherm wine cabinets and cellars are renowned as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of wine preservation solutions. The entire product range is hand-built in France, with strict quality assurance applied at every step of the production cycle.

What Wine Critics Are Saying About Vintec

"I am totally delighted with my Vintec wine cabinet. It combines elegance and functionality of the highest order. ”

- James Halliday, leading Australian wine critic

"Temperature control is everything with wines, especially with older wines – it doesn’t take much to ruin them – you have to care for them from the moment you get them to the moment you drink them. I use Vintec and I’m happy to recommend them because they’re quality products which work incredibly well for me”

- David Doyle, wine collector and owner of Rockpool Bar & Grill

"At last, the perfect solution to Australia’s warm climate – a Vintec wine cabinet”

- Peter Bourne, wine educator and judge